Unidapt™ Adapters

Why Unidapt™? Create any inter-series or intra-series adapter you need in seconds!

  • Unidapt step 1
  • Universal adapter mates with all Unidapt™ interface adapters.
  • Unidapt Step 2
  • Other side of universal adapter then mates
    with any other Unidapt™ interface adapter.

Our Universal Adapter is the key.

Each Unidapt™ fitting has a common connector end and a universal adapter end. Simply choose the two common connector ends you need, and screw them together with the universal adapter. It’s so easy. That’s why technicians love it! Our ingenious adapter kits let you mix and match any 2 male or female coaxial fittings. Build the perfect adapter or cable assembly for the job—Male-to-Male, Male-to-Female, or Female-to-Female.

All Unidapt™ sections are made of silver plated machined brass with a gold plated phosphor bronze contact anchored in a PTFE dielectric.

List of Unidapt™ Adapters

Unidapt Description Part #   Unidapt Description Part #
PT-4000-013 Universal Center AdapterPT-4000-013  PT-4000-117 MMCX MalePT-4000-117
PT-4000-004 BNC MalePT-4000-004   PT-4000-118 MMCX FemalePT-4000-118
PT-4000-010 BNC FemalePT-4000-010   PT-4000-119 7/16 DIN MalePT-4000-119
PT-4000-003 N MalePT-4000-003   PT-4000-120 7/16 DIN FemalePT-4000-120
PT-4000-009 N FemalePT-4000-009   PT-4000-133 RP-SMA MalePT-4000-133
PT-4000-006 SMA MalePT-4000-006   PT-4000-134 RP-SMA FemalePT-4000-134
PT-4000-012 SMA FemalePT-4000-012   PT-4000-135 RP-TNC MalePT-4000-135
PT-4000-101 Motorola SMA FemalePT-4000-101   PT-4000-136 RP-TNC FemalePT-4000-136
PT-4000-005 TNC MalePT-4000-005   PT-4000-026 Male-to-Male Right-Angle AdapterPT-4000-026
PT-4000-011 TNC FemalePT-4000-011   PT-4000-027 Triple Male T-AdapterPT-4000-027
PT-4000-001 UHF MalePT-4000-001   PT-4000-150 Female-to-Female Barrel AdapterPT-4000-150
PT-4000-007 UHF FemalePT-4000-007   PT-4000-141LP QMA MalePT-4000-141LP
PT-4000-002 Mini-UHF MalePT-4000-002   PT-4000-142LP QMA Female PT-4000-142LP
PT-4000-008 Mini-UHF FemalePT-4000-008   PT-4000-143LP 4.1-9.5 MalePT-4000-143LP
PT-4000-014 RCA MalePT-4000-014   PT-4000-144LP 4.1-9.5 FemalePT-4000-144LP
PT-4000-015 RCA Female Phono JackPT-4000-015   PT-4000-145LP 4.3-10 Male PT-4000-145LP
PT-4000-016 F FemalePT-4000-016   PT-4000-146LP 4.3-10 Female PT-4000-146LP
PT-4000-017 F MalePT-4000-017      
PT-4000-113 SMB JackPT-4000-113      
PT-4000-114 SMB PlugPT-4000-114      
PT-4000-115 MCX MalePT-4000-115      
PT-4000-116 MCX FemalePT-4000-116